Do the following statistics from looks alarming to you?

  • Over 1.2 million students drop out of high school every year in the US. It means one student every 26 seconds or equivalent to 7,000 a day. This is quite a big number.
  • In the past, the US had the highest graduation rates among developed countries, but now they rank 22nd out of the 27 developed countries.
  • Graduating Latino students has increased in percentage. In 2010, 71.4% got their diploma against 61.4% in 2006.

Check out these statistics from, do you think it’s time to make lifestyle changes?

  • In 2016, there are around 33 million primary and lower secondary out-of-school children in South Asia.
  • In 2014, there were around 263 million out-of-school children and youth. 61 million are children ages 6-11 years old at primary school; 60 million ages 12 to 14 years old, young adolescents and 142 million ages 15 to 17 years old, youth and upper-secondary school age.

Top 5 Reasons for Dropping Out

According to the following are the top reasons students drop out from school.

  • 5% failed to go to many school days
  • 38% have poor or failing grades
  • 6% not interested in going to school
  • 1% could not keep up with school work
  • 8% was pregnant

The number one reason students drop out from school could due to several factors. One could be a lack of interest. Parents should improve a child mindset.  Adopting lifestyle changes can help a child improve the way he thinks, feels and reacts to situations.

Lifestyle Changes to Adopt to Improve Education

There are numerous positive benefits you can get if you adopt a healthy lifestyle, agree or disagree?

Based on the statistics above, education is an area that requires a healthy mind and body. Having a poor lifestyle contributes to the increasing number of dropouts.

Parents support and the surrounding people can help them a lot to improve their outlook on life. Missing too many school days could be caused by not having the right mindset, motivation and poor health.

Here are lifestyle changes you can adopt to improve education.

  1. Bring Your Children to Yoga Sessions

Yes bring them to yoga sessions, you read it right. Why? Here’s why –

The techniques applied in yoga exercises like relaxation, breathing, and shapes improve concentration and fitness in children from an early age.

In yoga sessions, younger children listen to stories and instructed to create shapes relevant to the story told. Through this, their interest levels are maintained as their minds are stimulated.

All throughout the session, the yoga teachers focus on the breathing techniques.

Yoga techniques can boost children confidence ages 8 and 12 years old. This imparts positive mindsets and is effective in education.

  1. Include Jogging in their Daily Activities

It is unknown to many but jogging can stimulate the brain. This has been proven by the study conducted by Cambridge University together with the US National Institute on Ageing. There is also some proofs that jogging can cause the growth of new brain cells to help restore memory.

  1. Limit Your Children Viewing Time

There has been a significant decline in children health causing them to drop out of school. One of the causes is the television. Having too much time in front of the television can cause many health problems like anxiety and obesity. You should limit your children’s viewing time, so they could have more time to move around or exercise and eat properly.

  1. Encourage Your Children to Eat Breakfasts

Some families have problems providing the right food in the morning due to lack of finances or time. It is common knowledge that children without breakfast lack concentration and succumbs to tiredness during the day. Children with full stomach can focus on their lessons instead of thinking about food.

Adopting the above lifestyle changes might have a significant effect on education stats.