We don’t know about you, but there’s a certain comfort a glass of red wine can give to a man or a woman who just got off from a tough day at work. It could be a reward after accomplishing something as simple as reaching a deadline or as great as graduating from a higher level of education. It’s a taste of success, of relief, or simply a form of refreshment after enjoying a sumptuous dinner. There is just something so relaxing about a glass of red wine that it can give you a better sleep at night. Well, every red wine-lover will be elated to know that their favorite beverage has more health benefits than just a good night sleep.

It Fights Bad Cholesterol

It’s such a delight to find out about a study conducted by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in Spain that highlights the effect of red wine to one’s cholesterol level. According to the said research, high-fiber Tempranillo, which is a component of red grapes, fights the bad cholesterol called LDL. LDL can be blamed for a percentage of heart attacks since it is deposited in a person’s veins connected to the heart, causing a rise in blood pressure. What’s even more exciting is that another research conducted in Israel’s Ben-Gurion University shows that red wine drinkers have increased levels of good cholesterol compared to water- and white wine-drinkers.

Brain Booster

One of red wine’s natural and magical compounds is reservatrol. Aside from regulating blood sugar, an American scientist said that this natural ingredient can impede the production of a brain-damaging protein called beta-amyloid. This kind of protein is the key ingredient in the plaque covering the brain of an Alzheimer’s disease patient. There is even a study in Pennsylvania that proves resevatrol’s ability to improve the connectivity among neurons. If you think that any wine can do this, well, it has been proven that red wine has more reservatrol content than any other kind of wine.

Blocks Fat Cell Formation

So a lot of food and practices have been attributed to weight loss – proper diet and exercise, vegetable and fruit juices, and a bunch of other healthy and quite frankly, time-consuming activities. That is why it is a joy to find out about another helpful effect of red wine – its ability to prevent obesity. Yes! You read it right. This sumptuous and delightful beverage does not only tickle your taste buds, but it can obstruct the maturity of fat cells. How? Well, reservatrol can do more magic than previously discussed. When our bodies digest this natural compound, it turns into its metabolite called Piceatannol. The latter basically blocks the pathways for fat cells to grow and mature. In a study conducted by Purdue University, piceatannol prevents our body’s insulin from activating fat cell formation.

In all these, we should remember that ‘moderation’ is the key to activating the health benefits of red wine. Most studies show that one glass of red wine a day shall be enough to trigger the promised advantages of this refreshing beverage. Just like all alcoholic drinks, and all kinds of food for that matter, too much is bad enough.